• Modular Container System

    Designed for food, useful for so much more

  • Open ONE lid to access multiple containers -

    Make meals in minutes, clean up in seconds!

  • Make meals quickly by having all ingredients in one place!

    Do you feel the same pain?


    Are you absolutely frustrated when you come home hungry and it seems there's nothing easy other than snacks to eat? When you open the fridge and can't quite seem to pull anything together that's healthy?


    You're the one I created PrepNServe™ for! Those who want to eat more healthy, moms who want to include more fresh vegetables. All can't agree on the same thing, everyone wants a choice.


    Mis-matched containers

    Mis-matched containers are not easy to store, too many lids to open, and allow alot of wasted space.



    Chaos in the fridge

    A jumble of items in the fridge make it hard to find things, difficult to know what you have on hand.


    Messy Storage

    Many shapes and sizes of containers make a mess in the cupboard, take up space when storing

    Multiple ingredients

    Plan a recipe ahead! You can be ready to cook when you are hungry, and with less mess.

  • Think if many packaged foods came in a modular footprint?

    How easy would that be...

    In May 2021, Fitware was invited to participate in the Food Systems Game Changers Lab, in connection with the United Nations Food Summit to be held in October, 2021. Selected by Food for Thought, along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Open Ideo, Second Muse, and Eat as a feasible solution toward meeting the United Nation's sustainability development goal.
  • PrepNServe - Better meals- quick and easy!

    PrepNServe for daily meals in minutes. Utilizing a modular design, this container system take up less space both in and out of your fridge, and you don't lose track of ingredients.

    Multiple items -one container

    Whether at home or on the go, you can take multiple items

    easily in one cake pan sized container.

    ONE lid seals everything!

    Young or old, this is a quick and easy access to many

    small containers at once, each individually sealed.

    Stack, nest, snap

    Each piece snaps into place, and the grid of the lid seals

    them! Store from 1 to 12 items, bonus - BPA free.

    It's a cutting board

    Away from home? The cutting board lid is perfect for last

    minute prep. Fits easily in your RV, boat and cooler.

    Pieces can be used alone

    All containers stack when used alone. Truly a system,

    each has it's own lid, or use in the larger box without.

    Space saving!

    When not in use, ALL your containers can store

    in a small space. 100's can be stored in one box.

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  • About the developer

    Marjorie Weir


    Creative catalyst, restaurateur, rehabber and designer. I truly believe thoughtful design contributes to better living.


    Frustrated by all the different shapes and sizes of containers and their lids, This system solves endless storage issues. This is a cross - platform format that could be for food packaging, meal kits and more.. Podcast: Invention Stories with Robert Bear


    The fast and easy way to update bath lighting with no tools, time or talent!


    I designed this bath lighting system after 15 years in real estate and working with dozens of stagings. Over 750 Five Star reviews! EzLightWraps.com or on Walmart.com, Etsy and Amazon in Dec!


    Seal items separately

    This design came after owning my restaurant and seeing how much waste there was with throwing out garnishes because of drying out, fruit flies and cross contamination.


    Always such a hassle for transporting garnishes to pop up bars and off site caterings. Useful in many areas, not just the bar. Contact me for licensing